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WordPress Training : Empowering You To Design, Construct And Administer High-Quality WordPress Website

The world has moved way forward than simply viewing and admiring the splendid websites. Now, it’s time for you to be up and learn the art to develop these websites for the world.


WordPress- A World Leader To Create Websites

WordpressIf you too wish get website design and development training, there could be no better platform than the boss ‘WordPress’ itself.

Contact ‘Web Training Online’ to get online WordPress Training in a hassle-free and highly affordable manner. Gone are the days when you needed to search the proficient institutes. Now, you can learn each and every element of WordPress Development online with the help of our industry professionals.

We provide you hand-on WordPress training with comprehensive support material, so that you know the exact path you are directed to. Trust the most learned faculty to offer you the best of online trainings on each and every aspect of WordPress. Get exclusive, one-to-one interaction with the professionals and solve all your queries in a timely manner.

What You Learn:

When you contact ‘Web Training Online’, get professional WordPress training services, which include:

  • Ways to build a high-quality, mobile-friendly and agile business websites
  • Ways to setup the websites
  • Ways to create highly appealing and modern landing pages
  • Ways to manage and administer business blogs
  • Ways to setup mobile menus
  • Ways to manage desktop menus and drop-down links

  • Creation of social media menus
  • Ways to segment the info with the use of categories and tags
  • Creation of custom sidebars and footers with the WordPress widgets
  • Creating photo galleries, video galleries and attractive slideshows
  • Ways to create registration page, sign-up forms and contact page etc.
  • Ways to optimize web images

Thus, we leave no stone unturned to offer you quality WordPress Training online in the most effortless manner.

Online Training Courseware:

Our online WordPress training course includes the following major heads:

  • Introduction to the WordPress
  • Setup of
  • Basic Administration of WordPress
  • Managing the WordPress themes
  • Creation of WordPress Posts and Pages
  • Creation of Grid Pages
  • Creating menus
  • Managing the widgets
  • Customizing sidebar and footer
  • Customizing Front Page
  • Categories and tagging
  • Creating galleries (audios, videos and slideshows)
  • Creating contact pages

While you pursue the online WordPress training course, we try to get you acquainted with the entire world of WordPress in an easy, learning environment.

Trust our experience and expertise to get the best WordPress training online. Contact ‘Web Training Online’ today and experience the power of experience. When you wish to be a pro, we lend you easy resources to conquer your desires.


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