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Analyze To Win – Join Our Google Analytics Online Course Today

Do you have a website and want to make it yield better results? If yes, Google Analytics could be a wonderful tool for this purpose that would only bring more value to your website. By seeing the most relevant details about your website, you would be able to take better decisions regarding your business. We at endeavor to unravel the secrets of Google Analytics in the form of a full-fledge Google Analytics course online.

From its basics to advanced tools and tricks, you will get to learn this most popular site analyzer tool in the most effective way. Our SEO tutorials also encompass instructions related to website marketing and search optimization to increase the right kind of traffic to your site.

Online Marketing Training

Whether you work as a digital marketer and want to enhance your site analytical skills or want to make a fresh start altogether, our Google Analytics course online is the most sought after avenue for all your knowledge cravings. This authoritative system provides you with the tools you require to measure site traffic, conversions, and ad performance, and analyze how people use your website.

The course contains following topics:

  • Setting up an account
  • Mounting tracking tags
  • Understanding reports
  • Using the data table
  • Using annotations
  • Utilizing segmentation for deeper analysis
  • Viewing shared content and referrals with social reports
  • Tracking engagement with behavior reports
  • Using Site Content reports
  • Reviewing site speed
  • Adding custom campaign tracking

In today’s competitive market place, analyzing your website data is of great importance. Not only it helps you understand the market dynamics deeper but also helps you drive better business-centric decisions in present and future.

This course will help you learn how to make intellect of the data. You will learn how to gain insights from the data to resolve various business problems, such as finding conversion optimization opportunities using Google Analytics.

From the analytics review and traffic study to recognizing conversion opportunities and cracking business problems, you’ll have get a chance to work on one of the most sought after analysts in the market breaching it down gradually into a process you can choose to come over again and again.


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