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Competitor Backlink Analysis

Backlink AnalysisIn any SEO strategy, competitive analysis holds crucial importance. It is necessary for a SEO professional to become aware of his surroundings, competitive and the ongoing trends in the SEO industry. In regard to competitive analysis, taking a closer look at the back-linking strategy your competitive becomes imperative. This helps in making further plan of action.

According to SEO gurus, a competitor backlink analysis allows a SEO professional to review websites that operate in the similar industry and share an audience similar to theirs. In this kind of analysis, a detailed assessment of competitor’s website performance, number of backlinks and overall online authority is conducted.

At Web Training Online, our competitor backlink analysis services make sure that you remain on top of the winning curve by earning qualitative backlinks better than what your competitors have. You just need to give us the list of competitors operating in your domain and we will fetch and provide a comprehensive list of sources that provide quality backlinks to them. We will formulate a proven strategy that could allow you get high quality backlinks.


Benefits of our competitor backlink analysis services include:

  • Get an overview of the prevailing competition in your industrial domain – With a detailed research on websites in the same industry, you would be in a better position to devise ways to tackle the rising challenge from your competitor.
  • Check sources that help your competitors perform well – By carrying out a competitor backlink analysis, you can gauge on the number and quality of sites referring to your competitors. This tends to help you gain insights on the factors that contribute to better site ranking.
  • Determine how you can outdo a competitor’s strategy to earn backlinks – We help you determine the backlink profile that is assisting your competitor’s site ranking. With us, you can fetch those details to expand your site’s ranking by devising a strategy to obtain backlinks and get guest blogging chances from the similar sites.

In simple terms, you can choose to peep into your competitor’s strategies and take advantage of the same by finding ways to outperform the same.

This insightful information helps you gain perspective on the number of sites linking to your competitors and determine the competitors with the most expansive link portfolios. Sites that are backed a large link group are more supportive in enabling you to find link building opportunities than sites with a lesser number of backlinks.

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