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Everything you need to know about Robots.txt file On our voyage of achieving perfection on on-site SEO, now it’s time to take a step further by covering the next topic. This time, our focus would be on Robots.txt that often gets overlooked by SEO practitioners. So,...

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Master On-page SEO – Meta Description

Are you done with my last post on Title Tags? If not, don’t make any delay and read my last post - Title Tag (On-page optimization) – Learn ways to master it which will insightful details about the first step in the ladder of On-site SEO. And if you’ve already...

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On-site SEO – Robots Meta Directives

In my last post, I put light on the role of robots.txt in SEO. I hope you managed to get some crucial stuff out of it. Continuing this journey further, today, I am going to cover next milestone and that is robots meta directives. Yes. So let’s start moving! Commonly...

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Alt Text – How to use them for a better outcome

Don’t you think it’s time you learnt a lot about on-page ranking factors? If yes, take a break and get ready for next topic that is going to be quite interesting. Being a crucial on-page factor, it holds significant prominent in the success of any SEO campaign. Yes,...

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On-site SEO: Duplicate Content

It is quite clear from the term itself that it refers to a piece of content that enjoys presence on more than one place on web. In general, a web page contains a unique piece of content. It appears on another website or other place; it would be termed as duplicate...

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HTTP Status Codes

Hey folks!! I am back again with some more exciting topics related to SEO domain. This time, I will cover HTTP Status Codes. Many times you heard about them and you may inquisitive about their function and objectives. So, today I will help you unravel the intricacies...

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